Kara runs Underpinned Europe. She has worked in international economic and business development across Europe, the Middle East, and North America throughout her 25-year career-- both within economic development organizations, and alongside local governments, private industry, and non-profit partnerships. She brings a highly entrepreneurial approach to guide organizations and innovators as a thinking partner on a high level, and as an implementer on an operational level.


Kara’s areas of expertise include international economic and business development, strategic planning and partnering, market intelligence, marketing communications, and training: both companies and government agencies alike look to her to advise and guide growth opportunities.


To this end, Kara has served as county Economic Development Director in NW Ohio, North American Manager for The Hague Development Foundation, European Director for the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, European Continent Director for New York State Development, North American Agent for DMG World Media in Dubai, European Director for the Wisconsin Department of Commerce, Benelux Rep for Copenhagen Capacity, and European Representative the Southern US Trade Association.


Kara holds a BA with honors from Middlebury College, a Masters of International Affairs from The George Washington University, and is certified in Economic Development Finance.


Kara has lived in Qatar, the United Kingdom, Vancouver, Canada, the United States, and the Netherlands. 

US: +1 646-496-7668

Europe: +31 6 2141 5644

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