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Engaging Growing Companies.

Public Relations



Strategic Services

Programs and campaigns that target EARNED MEDIA, SHARED MEDIA and OWNED MEDIA, across digital, print and broadcast platforms.
Our services are available
in any global market, in
any language.

The Underpinned team uses a research based and data-led approach to develop digital marketing strategies and programs for our clients. 
Our pixel campaigns and strategies are designed to drive leads, develop brands, shape perceptions and build reputations for the countries, states, cities, and regions we work with. 

The Underpinned team incorporates our decision calculus approach to developing messaging, branding campaigns and business recruitment materials that help our clients engage with growing companies. 

Underpinned's experienced team provides valuable counsel and strategic services to a number of countries, states and cities. From crisis management, to marketing and organizational strategy, we offer depth of thinking and perspective to help you address your mission critical issues and challenges.   

We work to connect communities with companies

Underpinned  is a full-service economic development marketing agency dedicated to working with countries, states, provinces and communities, to engage and recruit growing companies.

We have a passion for working with communities, helping our clients create jobs, strengthen their economies and provide pathways of prosperity for their citizens.

We take our experience, gathered over 30-years of working in economic promotion, creating brands, building perceptions, and developing marketing tools and programs that help our clients connect with growing companies around the world.

Our Story
Expert Council

What makes us different

Every one of our employees has worked on your side of the desk, in economic development. What truly sets us apart is our understanding of the corporate investment decision process.


We understand the decision calculus that companies use to evaluate locations for new operations.  Our deep understanding of what drives and motivates location decisions and knowing how and where to intercept the decision makers, is what makes us different.

We are experienced economic developers.

The work we do

Underpinned works with countries, cities and regions as they face their economic challenges. Our work promotes the economic assets and competitive advantages they have. We combine smart people and deep expertise, with data and analytics to develop actionable marketing and communication strategies that drive inward investment. Our area of expertise is in direct investment and foreign direct investment. 

We connect communities to companies.

What we do

Economic Development isn’t only about changing and improving economies, it is about changing and improving people’s lives. 

We apply intelligence
and insight

In economic development marketing, the objective is to engage corporate decision makers and give them the information they need to make informed decisions. Our process combines research and a data-led approach with intelligence and insight. We work across all communication channels, from pixel to print, to ensure that our work is a leading force in creating leads and corporate engagement for our clients.

Information and insight are a powerful combination.   


Communication Services

Media Relations / PR Earned Media

Ranking Improvement Programs

Media Tours

Sector Specific Media Relations

Inbound Press Familiarization Tours

Content Development

Development of Industry Sector Propositions



Social Media Marketing 

Influencer Programs

Paid Advertising

Direct Marketing - Newsletters / E-Mail

Strategic LinkedIn Programs

Content Development


Branding & Creative

Content Research 

Content Development

Sector Propositions

Design Services

Key Message Development


Collateral Development / Support Materials


Strategic Services

Grant Writing

Marketing Strategy

Organizational Business Planning

Sector Marketing & Propositions

Branding and Messaging 

Managing Metrics & Reporting

Strategic Services

If you don't market and control your brand, others will fill the void and control it for you. 

Our Team


“Shirar and the Underpinned team are some of the most experienced and successful economic development professionals you’ll find anywhere.  Their understanding of foreign direct investment and global commerce, combined with their marketing and public relations expertise, make them a powerful resource for any economic development organization.”

Don Pierson

Secretary of Louisiana Economic Development

“I have had the pleasure of being both a colleague and client to Shirar O’Connor.  She and her team at Underpinned are seasoned economic development professionals who can provide valuable support to destinations in need of marketing and communication expertise. Underpinned operates effortlessly in both the U.S. and international markets. Shirar’s acumen and experience in investment promotion run deep and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Gordon Innes

Bloomberg Associates Economic Development

"The Underpinned team supports the Thailand Board of Investment's New York Office with marketing and public relations activities. We are very pleased with the professionalism of the team, their responsiveness and the collaborative way in which they work."

Vorawan Norasucha 

Director, Thailand Board of Investment, New York Office

Shirar O'Connor - Founding Advisor

Shirar has been in economic development, specializing in direct investment and foreign direct investment for nearly 29 years, working on both sides of the desk, for government agencies and as a consultant. Her expertise is in providing government-to-business, economic development services in public relations and marketing.   

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